Our Mission

We are here to create top quality learning environment for young female soccer players.


Meet The Arctic Foxes

We are girls only grassroots soccer team from Aurora, Ontario.

Our symbol is the Arctic Fox - native to Canada and Ontario lives in the circumpolar Arctic, which goes from the northern tip of Ellesmere Island to the southern tip of James Bay. They are normally found where seals and polar bears are present in and on ice floes. Each Arctic fox has its own home range, varying in size from three to 25 square kilometres. They are, however, very mobile and can travel large distances over both land and sea ice. Over 2,000 kilometres of individual fox movement has been recorded.

Arctic Foxes are known as resourceful, clever and tenacious predators. They like to play, but when it is time to work hard - they never give up.


Our Colours

Intence Pink
as we are Passionate, Empowered, Creative, Inspiring and Happy.
Collegiate Purple
as we are Tactical, Smart, Prepared, Persevering and In Control.
Pure White
as we are Compassionate, Fair, Dedicated, Supportive, True and Bright.

Our Cause

  • We do not measure result as a just game score. The results we are after are sportsmanship, quality of play, athlete development and skill application. No negotiations here.
  • This is the Athlete's program, this means that she is responsible for her own results. Only she, who works the hardest will realize her full potential.
  • Our Players carry fairness to other, dedication to each other and love for the game; from the soccer field into our families and communities.
  • We ask our Players to be thankful to their Parents and Guardians for supporting them, cheering for them and being here for them.
  • We are a small grassroots team, with a big heart and powerful vision. We are here to promote girls' game and educate young athletes.